Getting Custom

Seats, Tanks, Leather

“the mandalorian”

I have a limited amount of my prefabricated seats in stock. The majority of my work has always been to make custom seats, tanks, and leather upholstery to specifications. I can work any format, from CAD to napkin drawings. I have built seats for hundreds of projects and configurations that have been used on projects from Germany to Hong Kong. So feel free to reach out with your ideas. I am happy to take a look at what would make your project complete. All custom work is bid with half down and the balance due on completion. Below contains image sliders of some of my prior work. Thanks for taking a look. – Ian


Custom Seats can be made out of aluminum, steel, or about any exotic metal you want to pay for… copper and titanium are on the much more expensive side of things, but I can do it. I can integrate tail lights, or turn signals, and even build form fitted oil tanks for dry sump bikes or 2 strokes that use an auto lubber to your dimensions and desires.


Custom leather upholstery services are available. This is an in house service… no really my wife does all the stitching. Carolyn is a left handed artist that is a perfectionist. She takes a lot of pride knowing her work is on display at shows and also can hold up to real world use. We have great industrial sewing machine with a servo motor for one stitch at a time accuracy for those ever important details.


I know that making fuel tanks gets everyone excited, but they are always ridiculously complex and that makes them very expensive. I make tanks for my custom builds when I’m up to one. So unless you have the $$$ for it… lets not talk about gas tanks. I do however make several oil tanks for dry sump motors and oil tanks for 2 stroke auto lubbers. I can hide them in the seats or make them mountable. You can specify fittings NPT or AN fittings as well as materials. My preference is Aluminum. I have integrated a lot of oil tanks into seats and projects to streamline your style.

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