These seats are prefabbed and ready to ship. Everything else is custom made.

Seat No.7 Fast Back Universal Cafe Racer Seat Honda CB500 CB550

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Seat No.7 Fastback #SNO7FB

This Café Racer Seat made of steel is just like what we put on our custom bikes. This product is still made by hand, TIG welded. Metal seats are stronger, easier to modify, mount, and hold up better over time than fiberglass. Steel is ideal for painting, or finishing with a clear coat.

All Steel seats are made out of 18g cold rolled steel for the pan, and 20g for the tail sections.

This seat requires mounting and modification to your bike, so be prepared. Some additional assembly like mounting, upholstery, paint and finishing prep buffing is recommended. You can do it on your own or we provide services that will finish your seat the way you want it.

Since these seats are still hand made they will vary from unit to unit slightly.


This is Seat No.7 that is made for larger displacement motorcycles, like the CB500 and the CB550. Please check the dimensions of your bike and our seats. These are not bolt on solutions but will get you a good platform to start with.

Tip to tail the seat is 25.5” long. From the tank end of the seat to the beginning of the hump the seating area is 15.5”. The inside width of the seat is 7” at the tank, and 9” at the hump. The hump is 5.5” tall from the bottom of the side rails.

Each application is different. So measure twice, and I always recommend working with a local shop that can mount your seat properly.

To measure for your seat go to our measurement guide for how to measure up a custom seat to check your specifications for mounting.

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